Your science fair display represents all the work that you have done. It should be made in such a way that it attracts and holds the interest of the viewer. It has to be thorough, but not too crowded, so keep it simple. Make sure that you follow the Regulations. 
Hints for Display
1. Your title and other headings should be neat and large enough to be read at a distance of about 2 meters. The title should catch the interest of the observer.
2. May take pictures of important phases of the project to use in your display.
3. Be organized and make sure that your display follows a sequence.
4. Use neat, colorful headings, charts, and graphs to make your display eye-catching but it should look simple not crowded.
5. Be sure to follow display size limitations and safety rules.





Participants should take a display for every project from the project coordinator of their schools one week before the competition and should come to the competition with their displays prepared.


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