firSTep 2018 Schedule

15 January 2018Start of Registration
10 February 2018End of Registration
13 February 2018Deadline for video uploading to youtube

firSTep, the Science, Technology and Design Fair is the First Step to International Project Olympiads which is  open  to all students starting from Grade 3 (year 4 ) in Lumina Educational Institutions. It is organized by Lumina Educational Institutions in collaboration with national and international science fair organizations. Its mission is to challenge students to prepare science and technology projects to find workable solutions to everyday solutions, to raise awareness in our planet’s energy and environmental issues, to engage students and teachers towards a further step in international project Olympiads of which have the same missions.

FIRSTEP - SCHEDULE (17.02.2018)

08:30-09:30Arranging Stands in the sport hall / Gallery of ISB
09:30Jury Evaluations start
10:00Opening Ceremony
15:00Jury Evaluations end
15:00-16:00Packing-up the Stands and Returning Display Boards to ISB information Desk
16:00Awarding Ceremony (At ISB Theater)


Firstep Settlement Plan

Firstep 2018